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What is all-inclusive bookkeeping? Another term for this is "full charge bookkeeping" which means that the bookkeeper manages all of the organizations accounting needs, including financial reporting.  


Do you work in our office or remotely? Either, or both, depending on your situation


Can I pay you without using autopay? If you're not able to set up autopay, I can provide other options 


Why do you have reduced hours during summer? I use summer months to balance out the longer hours of year end and tax season. 


Can I call you anytime with questions? If it is not during your scheduled work time, I ask that clients contact me first via email. This helps me have structure around work (especially balancing work from home). It also helps track all requests and unresolved items. (I respond quickly this way, as I like a clean inbox!) 


Can I text you requests? Sorry, I don't use texting for work. You can contact me through email.


Can you explain more about your range of rates? Rates range from$200 to $2,000 per month. The lower end may include a monthly review of entries, reconciliations, and basic financial reports. The higher end might look like a weekly schedule for QuickBooks entries, review and oversight, additional reporting, etc.


What if I don't have or want QuickBooks? If you're set on using another accounting software, then I'm not the person you need. For smaller clients who don't want to think about accounting software, I can host your QuickBooks file for no additional charge.

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