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About Me


My bookkeeping story has a sweet start. As the original “Donut Director” (aka Office Manager) at Mighty-O Donuts, I set up a variety of systems to help that small business run smoothly…down to the last vegan sprinkle.

​Then in 2009, two things happened: I became a mother, and I decided I wanted to work for myself. Looking back over my work history, I realized (with some surprise) that I really and truly loved bookkeeping! I had further validation that I was on the right path after excelling (no pun intended) in the necessary accounting classes. I started my business in 2010 and have been offering all inclusive bookkeeping ever since.

Fast Facts & Figures (aka fun with numbers!)

20     Years in Seattle (also years vegan)
  9      Very happy clients
15     National parks stamps collected
  2      Yoga classes attended weekly
  0      Social media sites 

Outside of Work


♥ I love adventure as much as I love order; I’ve planned trips from Thailand to the Grand Tetons. These days my  son, our dog and I use our mini campervan to explore the Pacific Northwest and national parks.


♥ I get maximum satisfaction from a minimalist lifestyle. I find joy in container gardening, cooking healthy vegan meals, and reading great books (when I’m not balancing yours!).


♥ We do most commuting and errands by bike, foot, or bus from our home base near Pike Place Market, in downtown Seattle.

About me pics.jpg


Thorough. Friendly. Detailed.

World's best boss mug.jpg


Ensures we can support our small family. Requires work life balance. Covers health and dental insurance, as well as time off.

Karma profile fire and sunglasses.PNG


Keeps it real. Schedules multiple walks a day (preferably to the beach and/or forest).

sadie sketch (1 x 1.25) trans back.png


Gets the job done and checks all the boxes. Keeps the clients happy. Inserts heart emojis.

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