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Friendly, complete 
​for nonprofits and ethical
small businesses

People doing good work for their communities still need to manage their money. I am here to help small nonprofits and ethical businesses to feel confident about their financials. Whether an organization seeks to keep their books consistent through board turnover and stay compliant with the rules and regulations of nonprofit accounting, or a small business wants to develop tidier systems and rely on routine accounting, I create a custom approach that works for each client. 

For me, it’s so much more than working with numbers. I truly enjoy the person-to-person aspect of this work, and I value helping organizations that are making a positive difference.


How my contracted services work

How we would get started

  • We meet to discuss your needs, and I review your current systems

  • I propose a custom contract, which includes recommended services, price and schedule

  • Rates range from $200 to $2,000 a month, depending on the size of your organization and the scope of my services (see more on the FAQ page)

  • We review the contract together and make any necessary revisions 

  • Once the contract is signed, I get to work!

The results

  • Your nonprofit's books are accurate and up to date. What does this give you?

    • detailed data for making decisions

    • timely reporting for board of directors, grantors, etc.

    • peace of mind knowing that everything is handled and all is in compliance

    • increased capacity to focus on your mission

A sample list of services I provide

  • Import transactions to QuickBooks via bank feed

  • Categorize all transactions (deposits, checks, debits, transfers, etc.)

  • Reconciliation of all bank, credit card and other accounts (i.e. PayPal, investment, etc.)

  • Produce monthly financial reports

  • File and pay state and city taxes

  • File 1099 forms for all required vendors 

  • Outsource and oversee an affordable payroll solution

  • Send year-end reports and/or copy of QuickBooks file to your CPA for federal tax filing

Additional nonprofit expertise

  • Restricted income tracking

  • Expense allocation tracking (administrative / fundraising / programs)

  • Additional reports for board of directors

  • Audit preparation


Client Endorsements


"Sadie has been working for the Seattle Center Foundation since 2016. Her motto of “Teamwork makes the dream work” rings very true. She has streamlined our chart of accounts, updated accounting procedures and has introduced much more efficiency in our accounting. Sadie is a pleasure to work with and is a critical part of our team. She is thorough, detail oriented and has a great sense of humor. She actually makes accounting work fun."

     Cathy Sander, Operations Manager
     Jane Zalutsky, Executive Director


Queen Anne Helpline

"Sadie has been working for the Queen Anne Helpline as our bookkeeper since 2013 and we can't say enough good things about her. She is responsive, reliable, smart and very good natured.  As a small nonprofit we really rely on her expertise; she has helped us become more efficient and makes sure we are in compliance. I can't recommend her highly enough!"

     Lisa Moore, Executive Director


Northwest Animal Rights Network

"NARN (Northwest Animal Rights Network) has been lucky to have Sadie doing our bookkeeping since 2018. She's a great communicator, makes sure we get all of the paperwork we need from our vendors and sends our financial reports in a timely manner.  She does a fabulous job and I can't recommend her highly enough."

     Rachel Bjork, NARN Board of Directors​

CARW logo.png

"I can't express how important your generous donation of time and talent has been in getting us organized, and helping me have a much more clear understanding of CARW's finances. I now know what organized "books" look and feel like, and I am so grateful for you!"


Rosa Palumbo


Client List

​Nonprofit Clients Include:

Seattle Center Foundation

Queen Anne Helpline

Washington Lawyers for the Arts

Northwest Animal Rights Network

Northwest Renal Network

The National Forum of ESRD Networks (End Stage Renal Disease)

Lowell Elementary PTA

Small Business Clients include:

School of Rock West Seattle

Pro Bono Bookkeeping

Animal Rights Collective Portland (ARC-PDX) (year 2022)

Coalition of Anti Racist Whites (CARW) (year 2021)

Partners at Lowell School PTA, Title I high poverty school (years 2014 to 2019)

Abot Me

Client Testimonials

About Me



My bookkeeping story has a sweet start. As the original “Donut Director” (aka Office Manager) at Mighty-O Donuts, I set up a variety of systems to help that small business run smoothly…down to the last vegan sprinkle.

​Then in 2009, two things happened: I became a mother, and I decided I wanted to work for myself. Looking back over my work history, I realized (with some surprise) that I really and truly loved bookkeeping! I had further validation that I was on the right path after excelling in the necessary accounting classes. I started my business in 2010 and have been offering all inclusive bookkeeping ever since.

Fast Facts & Figures (aka fun with numbers!)

19        Years in Seattle (also years vegan)
  9        Very happy clients
15        National parks stamps collected
  2        Yoga classes attended weekly
  0        Social media sites 

Outside of Work


♥ I love adventure as much as I love order; I’ve planned trips from Thailand to the Grand Tetons. These days my  son, our dog and I use our mini campervan to explore the Pacific Northwest and national parks.


♥ I get maximum satisfaction from a minimalist lifestyle. I find joy in container gardening, cooking healthy vegan meals, and reading great books (when I’m not balancing yours!).


♥ My daily view? Classic Seattle. We do most commuting and errands by bike, foot, or bus from our home base near Pike Place Market.

Lost Lake 2022 family photo high res.jpg


In an effort to connect skilled local professionals with those looking for all types of services, I am compiling a personalized list of helpful resources:

for Seattle Nonprofits

  • Allison Carney Consulting - Nonprofit communications consultant based in Seattle

  • Tandem Editing - First-class editing oriented to fit the needs of your team and your mission

  • ​Beneficial State Bank - Working with Seattle nonprofits for sustainable economic good

  • Nonprofit AF - Seattle blog exploring the fun and frustrations of nonprofit work

  • Ted Zee - Local Seattle photographer specializing in documentary and storytelling work

for Small Business and Self-employed Folks

More resources are on the way, so check back soon.

Get in touch

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  • What is all-inclusive bookkeeping? Another term for this is "full charge bookkeeping" which means that the bookkeeper manages all of the organizations accounting needs, including financial reporting.  

  • Do you work in our office or remotely? Either, or both, depending on your situation

  • Can I pay you without using autopay? If you're not able to set up autopay, I can provide other options 

  • Why do you have reduced hours during summer? I use summer months to balance out the longer hours of year end and tax season. 

  • Can I call you anytime with questions? If it is not during your scheduled work time, I ask that clients contact me first via email. This helps me have structure around work (especially balancing work from home), and it also helps track all requests and unresolved items (I respond quickly this way, as I like a clean inbox!) 

  • Can I text you requests? Sorry, I don't use texting for work. You can contact me through email.

  • Can you explain more about your range of rates? Rates range from$200 to $2,000 per month. The lower end may include a monthly review of entries, reconciliations, and basic financial reports. The higher end might look like a weekly schedule for QuickBooks entries, review and oversight, additional reporting, etc.

  • What if I don't have or want QuickBooks? If you're set on using another accounting software, then I'm not the person you need. For smaller clients who don't want to think about accounting software, I can host your QuickBooks file for no additional charge.

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